To become the primary communications app and resource hub that help fathers feel confident about their child's safety.


Strengthen a father's engagement to help them build a community that protects their child's safety and well-being. Providing them with additional resources they generally would not have access to when advocating for their endangered child.

Keep Safe 911 Beta Launch

Help make the release of our android child safety app an effective one. As a beta member, you will take part in shaping this life-saving app by piloting our pre-release version and letting us know your experience.

How do I participate?

As a Keep Safe 911 beta member, you’ll be enrolled to join our weekly beta sessions. Your android phone will be provided with access to the public betas to try out all our features. You can provide feedback during our sessions, as well as, directly via our app.


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Have additional questions about the Beta Software Program?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Keep Safe 911 Beta Program is open to all fathers with a valid Apple ID who accepts the Keep Safe 911 Beta Program Agreement during the sign-up process. If you have an iCloud account, that is an Apple ID and we recommend you use that. If you do not have an iCloud account or any other Apple ID, you can create one now.
No. Both the program and software are free for beta members.
This program is offering all beta members who complete our weekly sessions a $50 monetary compensation and a free two-month subscription.
Yes, the Keep Safe 911 beta program is confidential information. We ask that you do not install the Keep Safe 911 beta program or app on any systems you don’t directly control or that you share with others. Please do not blog, post screenshots, share on social media, or publicly post information about the beta sessions or app, and don’t discuss the beta sessions or app with or demonstrate it to others who are not in the Keep Safe 911 Beta Program. If Keep Safe 911 publicly discloses technical information about the beta session or app, it is no longer considered confidential.
You can opt-out of the program at any time to return to the stable public version of the Android application. When opting out of the program, all user data on the device will be wiped and you will forfeit any compensation


Racial disparities

Many fathers face disparities in emergency situations and don’t have the financial resources and tools to respond effectively when their child's safety is threatened.

Heart-breaking realities for children of color

As of 2021, 61% of missing children are children of color (Hispanic, Asian, Multicultural) - Missing Kids

How it works

Keep Safe 911 seeks to guide fathers on how to advocate for their children; while providing a platform that allows them to build a supportive community for themselves and their families during any emergency.

Keep Safe 911 features will help a father:

  • create a community approach during a child's emergency.
  • reduce the time, red tape, and resistance normally encountered when trying to report their missing child.
  • record threatening interactions their child has with authorities in real-time.
  • provide their children with a fast and simple way to connect with everyone on their emergency contact list while simultaneously dialing 911.

Offering fathers the freedom and peace of mind to nurture their child's independence and confidence.

Safety and Community Building

Life-saving features.

Voice Activation
Live Streaming
Auto Recording
GPS Locator
Missing Child ID
Resource Hub

Feature Highlights

Simple, reliable, and safe.

Our Story

Eddie Hearns

Eddie Hearns is a successful father, husband, grandfather, entrepreneur, management consultant, and creator of Keep Safe 911. Eddies' journey to success was not an easy one. His story and sense of urgency to protect his family has been the motivating factors to developing the Keep Safe 911 safety app.

Growing up, Eddie believed that moving out of the inner city would be the solution to keeping himself and his family safe from harm racial disparity. However, after successfully moving into his dream neighborhood, Eddie quickly realized this was not the case. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the threats of racism that fathers and their loved ones face in America. This is why Keep Safe 911 was born. A safety app that equips and empowers fathers to build a community that will support their children during and after any emergency situation. Because we ALL deserve to feel safe.


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